Our Approach...

...is built around providing high-quality strategic communications consultancy and sourcing in-house communications talent in a way that's meaningful and cost-effective. We work to deliver logical, robust and creative services to our clients to support whatever shape they want their communications to take. 

The variety of clients we work with is wide, but focused enough that we've mastered each discipline we work in including corporates, infrastructure and development projects, High Net Worth/Family Office clients as well as supporting M & A activity.


We might be embedded in your team, providing support on a project basis or advising your senior leadership 1:1. 

Our team comprises a network of experienced, well-connected and senior professionals who work as our associates 


We are Impact by name and we want to have a positive impact where you do.


We'll get you in the press or work to keep you out of the press, or bolster your confidence in doing that yourself. If you end up in the media's glare, or might, we'll train you to handle it and be cool as a cucumber in doing so.


We'll enhance your online reputation.

We'll help you find the best talent if you want to keep your comms in-house. 

We'll help you build relationships with in government and amongst investors and other stakeholders. 

We'll audit your communications to maximise efficiency; when comms is a cost centre, we'll help you assess how it achieves and demonstrates value because we want to make sure it has a positive impact on your bottom line. 


What are you in the market for?

Our stall...


  • Media Relations

  • Online Reputation

  • Communications Outsourcing

  • Communications Headhunting

  • Training & Audit

  • Public Affairs

  • Crisis Communications

  • Reputation management

  • Stakeholder Engagement


Jonny Holdcroft

Managing Partner

As a communications leader Jonny's worked on enormous infrastructure projects, to develop world-class property schemes and as a senior media and crisis comms adviser to prominent consumer businesses and senior politicians. 

Jonny founded Impact to challenge the lazy orthodoxy of bloated communications agencies and teams and ineffective recruitment of strategic engagement professionals. 

He's committed to delivering better value and better results for clients. He's also a Springsteen nut and deluded aspiring boxer. 


Associates Network

All Trades

We eschew the traditional 'headcount heavy' agency model and build from the ground up. We want to deliver best-in-class comms but unlike others, we want to help you find the best in-house talent when that's your preference.  

We are talented, reliable and experienced professionals who offer focused expertise and will form an expert team of advisers, the shape of which is determined only by your agreed requirements. 

Our team is geographically remote so they're responsive but when you engage us, we want to get right to the heart of your business and we'll make sure you've got experts at your side. 


Chiltern Railways

  • Audited and rebuilt communications team

  • Led communications on an interim basis undertaking comprehensive recruitment exercise

  • Achieved excellent media coverage and better stakeholder relationships


  • Positioned successful international risk business ready for investment

  • Provided outsourced press function

  • Acted as retained political adviser to partners

change communication: ministry of Justice

  • Produced engagement plan to support £1bn change portfolio

  • Delivered nationwide engagement plan under budget and on time

  • Advised senior officials on successful campaign management

property development: £15bn infrastructure project

  • Secured government funding for major urban housing and small retail developments across London

  • Managed interactions with local authorities

  • Managed relationships with key stakeholder aligned to the project


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